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AO consult is a certified veteran-owned small business established expressly to provide federal government clients with forward-thinking consulting and services through a commitment to responsive and cost-effective customer service. Founded on the principle of objective problem-solving, and building on more than 20 years of experience in serving the federal government, AO consult works with clients to solve complicated problems through a defined and action–oriented approach to establishing workable strategies, tactics, actions and measures.

work / What We Do

Program Management

Whether we’re helping clients grapple with complex governance frameworks or comply with specific regulatory regimes, we bring a balanced combination of rigorous methodology, industry best practices, and deep industry experience. As a result, we have a strong track record of creating the underlying strategies and policies that ensure continued buy-in, compliance, and monitoring of information technology programs and processes.

Even in the most-thoroughly planned programs, one cannot take success or return on investment for granted. At AO consult LLC, we have the certifications and experience needed to manage clients' programs and projects according to best practices and in compliance with relevant regulations. At the same time, our experience in the discipline of program assurance allows us to provide detailed, objective oversight and analysis of other organizations' implementation of specific programs. As a result, we not only ensure our clients' programs and projects are implemented according to plan; we can often save them significant resources by improving program efficiencies.