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AO consult is a certified veteran-owned small business established expressly to provide federal government clients with forward-thinking consulting and services through a commitment to responsive and cost-effective customer service. Founded on the principle of objective problem-solving, and building on more than 20 years of experience in serving the federal government, AO consult works with clients to solve complicated problems through a defined and action–oriented approach to establishing workable strategies, tactics, actions and measures.

WORK / What We Do

Procurement Support

AO consult LLC has extensive experience providing our government and commercial customers a range of valuable support that spans the acquisition lifecycle. Our staff have extensive industry experience and understand how actions on each side of procurement are interpreted by the other side.

AO consult LLC has the depth and breadth of experience to guide government and commercial teams through the interrelated complexities of transforming their acquisition strategies into successful solicitations. Our experts guide your team through successful industry days, draft RFP and final RFP using a combination of tailored support, mentoring and training. We do all support tasks, from total RFP management to providing subject matter experts who are also industry experts. Senior and executive level participants are available for complete “murder board” review team support.

Using this expertise, we have developed effective acquisition strategies for government and commercial clients. Our experts have led or participated in dozens of strategy formations and can develop integrated government and commercial solicitations which effectively implement a cohesive strategy. And after contract award, we work shoulder-to-shoulder with your team to set up appropriate management processes required to execute a disciplined program.